6 Foolproof Ways to Stay Motivated for Your Workouts

bodybuilder lifts a heavyweight ball over his head while squattingIn a 2018 study, researchers at University of Jyväskylä found ongoing resistance training improves workout motivation and helps people create and stick to their exercise regimes. Consistency is the key to success. You might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to get yourself pumped up about your sweat sessions to maintain your dedication. Bryce and Zo offer these six tips to help you stay motivated.

1. Invest in Workout Gear

One of the best workout motivation hacks is to invest in fitness apparel, and we’re not talking about athleisure wear. You’ll want to get items that fit properly, are designed for performance and look great on you. When you like your workout clothes, you’ll be more excited about working out.

2. Find an Activity You Enjoy

It might sound obvious, but if you don’t enjoy a specific workout, you won’t want to continue doing it. As a result, you might develop negative feelings about fitness overall. That’s why it’s crucial to you find something that clicks. Don’t be afraid to try a range of activities before settling on the ones you enjoy most. Try everything from distance running, boot camp classes and bodybuilding to Zumba, soccer and HIIT. It doesn’t matter what you land on, as long as you stick to it.

Doing the same workout over and over can get boring, so try mixing things up. If you usually lift weights at the gym, try getting to a group fitness class once or twice a week. If running is your exercise of choice, why not see how you fancy interval training or yoga? Incorporating new exercises into your routine is also essential for breaking through fitness plateaus. The point is to continue to keep your body and brain guessing so that you have the drive to continue.

3. Get a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes with virtually endless features and options. You can find simple wristbands that connect to a smartphone app or more intricate watches that count calorie burn, provide workout guidance and offer motivational reminders.

4. Create a Workout Music Playlist

Music can be an extremely effective workout motivator. Any activity you do regularly can get boring, but the right workout music can reignite your motivation, allowing you to work out for a longer period and with more intensity. Also, studies show that listening to songs with faster beats can improve your athletic performance, so jamming out while working out is kind of a no-brainer.

5. Work Out with a Buddy

It can be easy to cancel an appointment with yourself, but when you commit to meeting up with someone else, you might find that you show up for more workouts. Researchers at University of Aberdeen found exercising with a buddy increases the amount of physical activity a person gets, especially when the workout partner provides emotional support. 

6. Set Goals

Goals are an essential part of any successful exercise plan. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, increase speed, lift heavier weights or fit into a particular article of clothing, it’s important to document your fitness goals as well as how and when you plan to accomplish them. By setting specific, measurable goals, you’ll be more likely to show up and complete your workouts. And don’t forget to find healthy ways to reward yourself after reaching your goals--perhaps a new piece of workout gear or a relaxing massage.

When it comes to finding the energy and focus to get you through a workout, sometimes you need a boost. At Boneafide Nutrition, we carry a variety of pre-workout drinks and fitness supplements with high-quality, research-backed ingredients. Try our products today to see how they can help you. 

And if you have questions, head over to Instagram or Facebook to ask Zo and Bryce for their advice. Thanks for reading!

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