Caffeine: An OG Bodybuilding Supplement

Reggie does pushups on a running track with Boneafide Nutrition products in front of himYou don’t have to look very far to find extensive research about the benefits of using caffeine while exercising. Numerous studies affirm that athletes perform better with running, cycling, swimming, HIIT, and other aerobic endurance workouts when they supplement with this go-to energy booster. But did you know caffeine is also an OG supplement in the world of bodybuilding? 

Maybe you’re considering supplementing with caffeine, or perhaps you’ve already been using it to pump up your workouts. Either way, you might be pleased to learn  caffeine is one of the top aids for building and maintaining muscle mass.

Why Caffeine Works

According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN), caffeine inhibits adenosine, a chemical in your body that promotes sleep and suppresses the feeling of alertness. When you consume caffeine before a workout, you can:

  • Feel more energetic, focused and alert
  • Power through an exhaustive state
  • Reduce feelings of pain and soreness
  • Experience enhanced muscle repair, or glycogen resynthesis, for the following 24 hours

Research shows consuming caffeine prior to a bodybuilding routine improves strength and power while allowing for more repetitions. In fact, a study by the JISSN concludes “a moderate dose of caffeine may be sufficient for enhancing strength performance” in resistance-training exercises.

Caffeine-Enhanced Products 

While you can always drink coffee before a workout, studies show there might be more benefits to getting caffeine from other sources, such as capsules or powdered drinks. Another study by the JISSN found consuming energy drinks prior to resistance training improves both upper- and lower-body total lifting volume.

When you exercise with caffeine-enhanced products from Boneafide Nutrition, your workouts will skyrocket. Our pre-workout drinks, including Boneafide UNLEASHED, contain caffeine anhydrous (a dehydrated form of caffeine) and other science-backed ingredients carefully selected to help serious athletes reach peak performance. Plus, despite popular misconception, caffeinated drinks count toward your daily fluid intake.

To amp up the intensity of your bodybuilding routine and see faster results, try UNLEASHED, our caffeinated pre-workout drink supplement that comes in both peach mango and blackberry lemonade flavors. With a money-back guarantee, research-backed ingredients, and mouth-watering flavors, our products don’t disappoint.

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