The Best Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

The Best Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

silver dumbbell, red package, holly berries and evergreensComing up with the perfect presents for everyone on your list can be the most challenging part of holiday shopping, but it doesn’t have to be! When you’re stumped on what to buy your loved ones this year, take a minute to think about their hobbies and interestsSo, what are the best gifts for fitness fans, bodybuilders and serious athletes? Our guide for fitness Christmas gifts will have you giving them the best gift of all: the gift of health!

Best Fitness Gifts for Her

For ladies into weight training, HIIT, long-distance running, yoga or all of the above, she’ll appreciate a fitness-focused present this Christmas.

Our favorite fitness gift ideas for her include:

  • A sleek water bottle for her favorite Boneafide Nutrition workout drink
  • A yoga mat and gift certificate for an intro or advanced class
  • Workout clothes from her favorite store (be sure you know her sizes)
  • A fitness tracker if she’s a fan of technology
  • A chic duffle or toiletry bag for gym use (and you can add small sizes of upscale products)
  • A blender for protein shakes and smoothies
  • Resistance bands, a jump rope or other portable workout equipment if hers are getting too much use
  • Upgraded shoes for the gym with a few pair of high-tech socks (add a gift certificate for a mani-pedi to really pamper her)

This list covers fitness gifts for women from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy. 

Best Workout Gifts for Him

When you can’t think of the perfect presents for the men on your list, it’s easy to resort to old-school standbys:  yet another tie, a pair of socks or a bottle of whiskey. While these are fine gifts, it’s fun to give them something a little more personal and useful.

Our best-loved workout gifts for him include:

  • A snazzy foam roller to help him workout a knot or three
  • A set of dumbbells or kettlebells to change up his routine
  • A new pair of gym shoes and high-tech socks
  • A shaker bottle for protein drinks, and a selection of our products
  • Cold-weather workout clothes or new favorites for gym sessions
  • A smartwatch to track his fitness goals
  • Wireless earbuds and new tunes for his workout
  • Upgrade his gym membership or a subscription to streaming workouts

These gift ideas are virtually fool-proof for guys who love to break a sweat. Upgrade something he already uses, or add any of these items he doesn’t have will make your favorite athlete feel like you really know him.

Workout Supplements from Santa

Of course, the gifts on these lists are not gender-specific. Each idea is an excellent Christmas present for both men and women. Just be sure they’re already a fan of working out. We don’t want you to get in trouble by suggesting they need that gym session because of too many Christmas cookies!  And the perfect gift, is one of our products!  

Our high-quality supplements from Boneafide Nutrition contain research-backed ingredients. Our pre-workout drinks are designed to take any fitness routine to the next level. Start your holiday shopping today!

Share your favorite ideas and the gift of health with Bryce and Zo over on Facebook and Instagram. And thanks for reading!

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